The Free File Alliance: Serving the American Taxpayer

About FFA

The Free File Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of industry-leading tax software companies partnered with the IRS to provide free electronic tax services. The Alliance operates “Free File” – a service dedicated to helping 70 percent of American taxpayers prepare and e-file their federal tax returns. It's all online at IRS.gov, and it’s all free. More than 49 million returns have been filed since the program began in 2003. Click here for a list of Free File Alliance members.

Taxpayers with a 2016 Adjusted Gross Income of $64,000 or less (about 100 million Americans) can visit www.IRS.gov/freefile to begin.

How does Free File work? The service is unique because it gives taxpayers access to a number of different tax software options from Free File Alliance members. After selecting the software that works best for their tax situations, users are seamlessly transferred from IRS.gov to the company's website to complete their returns.

The Free File Alliance is committed to providing free federal e-filing services for 70 percent of Americans.


According to a recent IRS survey, 95 percent of users found Free File easy to use, while 98 percent said they would recommend the program to others.